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About Us

The technical expertise of our young and talented professionals coupled up with modern project management tools enable us to meet client's development needs within mentioned deadline and without compromising on quality. We believe in building long term relationship by providing value to our customers through innovation, support, and confidence.

Why have us?

Since our company is born, 95% of our clients have initiated repetitive business with us, alongside, we continue to grow at a satisfactory rate year-on-year just by referral business. Some of the reasons why we can retain our clients are:

  • Time Management: Clearly defined processes, team wise breakup of tasks, and parallel execution results in reduced development time.
  • Project Management: Web-based and mobile devices compatible project management tools are used to Plan, track and collaborate on projects. The same results in better communication, improved efficiency, and reduced costs.
  • Price: Availability of the vast pool of good technology workers at the local market and company investment in training and skills enhancement has enabled us to provide high-quality work to clients at the cost-effective price.
  • Experience: We have successfully served over 120 web and mobile projects from 15+ countries around the world.
  • Design & User Experience: We ensure an alluring and definite quality of design along with high level of User Experience for all our projects.

Our Services

Native iOS & Android apps

Comparatively native apps are better regarding speed, security and highly responsive and functional user interferences.

  • Native apps are best regarding speed, security and Highly responsive and functional user, interfaces.
  • Native apps deliver the great experience to the user and it runs within Mobile device platform.
  • Distribution through App store.
  • The cost of the native app development is high compared to Hybrid or Web apps.
  • Native iOS & Android apps

Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps are Cross-Platform compatible (Android, IOS & Windows). The cost of the Hybrid app development is lower than Native apps.

  • Hybrid apps are Cross-Platform Compatible.
  • The cost of the Hybrid app development is lower than Native apps.
  • Distribution takes place through App store.
  • Hybrid apps regarding speed and user experience are not as good as Native ones.

Web development

  • SEO friendly websites.
  • Responsive or Mobile friendly websites with the quality user experience.
  • 30 days complimentary support, if required after launch.
  • Application development and Maintenance.
  • Web APIs development and Integration with 3rd party APIs.

Digital marketing

  • Lead Generation
  • Reputation Management
  • Online Brand Building
  • Drive quality traffic to your website through SEO, SMM, Content Marketing, etc.


  • Innovative and Creative Responsive web templates.
  • Logo design.
  • Newsletter or promotional email design.
  • Catalogue design.

Web Site or Application Maintenance

  • Let us take care of website updates, compliance, backup, etc. for you.
  • Send us required updates, our team will apply the updates mostly within 24 hours.
  • Review and Approve the updates before we go live.
  • We will co-ordinate with your hosting company in case of any issue or problem.


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